It’s a proven fact that the sales cycle for the real estate market has a great deal of ebb and flow. As a seller, you want to make sure that you earn a great offer for your house and that it sells quickly. Below are some top tips to help you sell your house in Ann Arbor as the optimal time. 

Aim to Follow National Sales Trends
According to national sales data, the absolute best time to sell a home and receive top dollar is during the first two weeks of May. Additionally, homes listed during this period tend to sell much faster. This is a great incentive for you as a seller who is trying to get started on their life in their next home.

List During When Homes Sell Faster
In the past two years, houses in Ann Arbor have spent significantly fewer days listed on the market during April, May, and June. Since you clearly don’t want your house to spend a lot of days on the market, it makes sense that these months would be ideal to list your home to take advantage of the spike in buyers looking to buy their dream home.

Get Advice from a Great Realtor
As a seller, it isn’t really your job to be super-educated on the niche times when your home will earn your dollar. That’s the job of an awesome real estate agent. If you haven’t partnered with an agent yet, you can utilize Effective Agents’ algorithm to find the perfect Realtor® in Ann Arbor. Instead of simply finding a name from a search engine, you can find a top selling realtor® that has proven to be successful in selling homes similar to yours. 

Consider Buyers with Close-By Dates
As mentioned above, late spring and early summer are the best times to sell a home with the fewest days on the market and still receive an optimal bid. Many buyers have life reasons that they need to close on a house during those months. For example, families with children want to close in order to get their children enrolled before the start of the school year. Ann Arbor is also a heavy town for higher education and many people may also want to get settled in before the start of the school year. To top it off, most buyers have a little extra money in their pocket thanks to tax returns coming back. 

Use the Winter as “Prep Time
Let’s face it, winter in Ann Arbor is exceptionally cold. People are much less likely to brave the cold in order to do home searches. You should consider the winter season your “prep time.” This is when you can do all the work that will help your home sell for the highest price possible. For example, you can repaint the walls, make minor upgrades, install new lighting fixtures, and do some staging in your home.

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